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Valorant APK Download

Valorant is a free to play online tactical shooter that’s been a household name for gamers since its release on the windows pc platform but after a long request, riot games, the publisher of the Valorant Game has developed the game for mobile also. At GameAvenues, You Can Download Valorant Android for Free. Just Tap on the Download Button Below:

What’s in the Valorant apk?

Valorant Apk group based strategic shooter and first-individual shooter set on the future timeline. Players play as one character specifically designed based on different cultures and countries around the globe, playing on a team of 5 with 4other players assigned either to attack or defend against another team of 5. Every Agents are given a unique ability including a default pistol starting of each round and later other weapons like Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Submachine guns can be purchased as the game progresses and you have enough in-game currency. Valorant Android Includes all the game modes like Unranked, Spike Rush, Competetive, and Death Match.

Once you’ve downloaded the apk, you will have to download extra files to complete the installation process and after the installation, any updates on the game will be automatically updated and all the in-game purchases can be made through the game.

Last Month people discovered that there were some hidden files in Valorant consisting of Mobile UI so developers at GameAvenues unlocked the file and transformed that file into an APK allowing users to finally play Valorant in your mobile phone without the official release of the valorant mobile which is set to release soon.

How to Download Valorant APK for Android?

  • Tap on the Download Valorant Apk Button Above
  • After the completion of the download, install the apk file, if you have “install from unknown sources” unchecked in your app settings then you won’t be able to install the apk file so do check it before.
  • After installation is completed, Open the Valorant Android App and begin your .OBB Installation
  • Before the .obb Installation, you will be asked to verify your device, to verify your device, complete the offers shown on the verification page (App Installs/ Surveys) (Use a Vpn if you don’t see any offer for your region)
  • After Completion of offers, your game will start downloading
  • Enjoy

First Look on Valorant for android :


Our First experience on the Valorant Android is fairly positive. The game brings a unique blend of Games like Fortnite, Cs: GO, and Overwatch in one. As you can see in the trailer, it looks like it is a role-play based fps like Fortnite and overwatch where players create walls, revive their teammate, and deploy smokescreens. We also expected some other weapons like Dps, Tanks and other Game Supports for we’re given none. But Having an in-game special ability besides the various types of guns surely is a unique experience in this genre of game. The mobile experience of Valorant Mobile is no different as well as the game controls are heavily based on PUBG mechanics and feel really smooth yet unique on their own. Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter for more content

Frequently Asked Question?

Can I install Valorant APK on my Phone?

If your device supports anything above than Android 8.0, you can install and play valorant on your phone. Some of the recommended device are ASUS ROG Phone , Samsung galaxy s20 , Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 , Google Pixel 4 and other flagship devices.

What’s the Size of Valorant APK?

Valorant APK is of 80MB only but you’ll have to download rest of the .obb files in game which is of 2.3GB and might take some time.

Valorant APK is Asking me for Verification What Should i Do?

If you require a verification in game, we suggest you open the verification page and read the instructions shown there and complete the process. If you don’t get an offer we suggest you to use a vpn and complete the offers.

Which Game Modes are available in Valorant Mobile?

Every Game mode is available in Valorant APK Android from unraked to competetive including SnowBall, Spike Rush and Custom Games are all available in Valorant APK that you can play Online with your Friends.

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